The Elephant Goddess of Divine Wisdom (Sticker!)

The Elephant Goddess of Divine Wisdom (Sticker!)

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This listing is for the exact Sticker shown above.
This is a sticker, not a clay goddess. 


This sticker is based upon a very popular spirit animal design I made in 2022. Since I couldn’t possibly make enough for everyone, I did make some stickers, so everyone can enjoy a little piece of this lovely spirit Animal magic~ 

 The Elephant’s message to you: Dearest Human, it is your sacred task to honor, protect, and defend that part of you which is connected to the Divine~ 

🐘The Elephant Totem🐘
The elephant energy holds wisdom, loyalty, strength, and patience. The elephant symbolizes a strong family bond. If the elephant totem shows up for you, it may be telling you that you should honor your feelings of sensitivity, nurture, compassion, and that you value commitment.
An elephant is steady, stable, gentle, and non-temperamental (unless provoked). It is said that the elephant can remember their past life, because of their exceptional memory.
🐘The elephant lives in matriarchal groups. They teach us how to live in harmony with nature and form loving and close bonds🖤🤍🐘

•Measurements: 2.17" x 3"

You will receive ONE sticker. 

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