Custom Goddess Down Payment/Hold spot

Custom Goddess Down Payment/Hold spot

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PLEASE write in “notes to seller” to give me an idea of what you’re thinking, and then send me a message through the shop messenger, DM me on Instagram @thisthatandthese OR email me: THECLAYMOONGODDESS@GMAIL.COM after you place the order so we can discuss details. 

Choose your details by looking at the options below, and I’ll try my best to accommodate! If your ideas don’t match up with my artistic flow, or I’m not sure I’m comfortable doing the piece, I will let you know, and give you a refund on the deposit. 
Please Purchase before messaging me your details!  Limited spots available. Once your order is placed, I would like to discuss the design in the first 1-2 days so I have plenty of time to work on it. Please respond to messages promptly. 

to hold spot: $56.50 (purchase this listing + shipping charge to hold) 
Final payment after completion: $50.00    

TOTAL: $106.50

If you’ve added many extra details, your cost will most likely go up for the second payment.

Discount codes are not allowed for customs! 


This listing gets you a 3 1/2” -4” tall Goddess in a sitting position. See second pic for size example. 

You can customize: Hair color, skin color, stone type, and arm position, written affirmation (if desired) 

Hair color: Any color of the rainbow, silver, gold, black, white, pearl, and I can add glitter to any color. 
Skin Color: Light, Medium, Dark, Black, 2-3 mixed colors, flower petals mixed in. 

Arm position: holding object, to the side, praying/heart center. 

Stone Type: pink amethyst, bismuth, crazy lace agate, labradorite palm stone, angel aura druzy star, bumblebee Jasper, polychrome Jasper, apophyllite, turquoise, red calcite, blue appetite, rose quartz skull, rose quartz sphere, pyrite, black moonstone, black obsidian, amethyst, yellow calcite, serpentine, dumortierite, Madagascan turquoise, amethyst scepter, sea shells/urchin spikes, ocean Jasper, prisms, jeweled brooches. 

Anything other than the items listed above may cost extra, such as: Face paint, wings, gemstone jewelry, stone jewelry, painted jewelry, breasts, staff, vase, clothing, added Reiki energy, space buns, familiar (cat, frog, bunny..ect) handmade items for the goddess to hold or wear (bowls, witch hat, book stacks, earth, moon…etc) 

 Please allow 7-10 Business days for completion after design details are settled on. 



•••USPS~ Your custom Goddess ships out in 1-3 biz days after completion. Arrives in 2-7 Biz days. 

••UPS/USPS Canada 1-2 Weeks  
Custom charges may occur. Please check your local post to see what those charges may be. I am not responsible for any extra money you may pay in your country, due to your laws. Sorry, No refunds.

Thanks for looking! 
Peace & Love to you~