ALL THE RAINBOWS prism power Sun Catcher

ALL THE RAINBOWS prism power Sun Catcher

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••This listing is for the exact wall art/sun catcher shown above.


I found this lovely piece of driftwood along my travels on the California coast. I’ve added seven assorted strands of beads, each a different color/gem. 
RED: The Tigers eye, and agate. 
ORANGE: Banded agate, and Jasper. 
YELLOW: glass. 
GREEN: Moss agate. 
LIGHT BLUE: Aquamarine and quartzite. 
DARK BLUE: glass and Lapis lazuli. 
PURPLE: Amethyst. 

Once the sun catches this, you will enjoy a symphony of rainbows~~


•MEASUREMENTS: 16” x 8 1/2” 

Wouldn't this look cute in a nursery? Maybe a bathroom, or a yoga studio? An altar space? The possibilities are endless!  


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