SALE Mother Nature, Nurtures

SALE Mother Nature, Nurtures

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TITLE: Mother Nature, Nurtures  


I am a Goddess, one of earthly light and darkness. 
was created perfectly in her likeness.    
Mother Nature, the one true Goddess, thank you for your nurture, I am forever grateful.   
This life is a gift, the lessons, the heartaches, the joy, the love.  
Every day is a new adventure, and I am forever in your debt for these experiences.   
My divine feminine is a guiding light that gives me purpose. That divine guidance is from you.  
 dont even blink my third eye, or think twice.  
It’s an intuition, a flow of natural rhythm.   
I know that I am a Goddess, one of earthly light and darkness. 
Thank you for your wisdom.

••This listing is for the exact *original painting*
shown above. This painting was made on a refurbished/recycled canvas I acquired second hand. The woman on the front was on the canvas and I added to her to make it my own. 

Materials used: canvas, acrylic paints.
Genuine turquoise on the top, and as her necklace.
There is a metal hanger on the back. 

Measurements:  27” x 21 1/2” 



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